Men's Real Madrid #17 Alvaro Arbeloa 16/17 Home Soccer Jersey Under Maintanence, Back Soon!

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Men's Real Madrid #17 Alvaro Arbeloa 16/17 Home Soccer Jersey


Men's Real Madrid #17 Alvaro Arbeloa 16/17 Home Soccer Jersey

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Men's Real Madrid #17 Alvaro Arbeloa 16/17 Home Soccer Jersey

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  • I bought this for my son. He loves it. Fits perfect.
  • Good quality and fits great
  • Under product description it says it includes "team jersey with shoulder pads" while in fact it does NOT come with shoulder pads. Other than that, the outfit is great and our 8 year old boy is thrilled! I just wish the product description wasn't misleading!
  • So awesome!!! Arrived way early & ready for Christmas!!!! Thank you!! Brand new in box- bought for my 6 yr old-average weight/height- fits him well!!!
  • Awesome. My son's favorite player and what a look of joy as a Christmas gift!
  • I ordered 2 of these for my 3 and 5 year old boys' Halloween costumes. Great quality, they don't look or feel cheap. The boys were so excited to be "da Bears" for Halloween, and to have the helmet and jersey to dress up afterwards. I would definitely recommend.
  • My grandson loved this. Everything fit perfect!
  • Bought this for my son for Christmas,he loves it!
    Very nice jersey,well worth the money.
  • This was a Christmas gift for my grandson; He was so happy; Thank you Amazon!!!!!
  • Junk. Won't last a month. Super thin.
  • Bought for a present.
  • Made well. Seems like it will last awhile!
  • Christmas this year
  • That was the first question in my mind when i first saw this item knowing full well the price range and the craftsmanship it would take to rust the metal... but after ordering and until its arrival, I still had that nagging what-if question in the back of my mind. Could they have somehow found a way to do this on the cheap? And to save anyone else from that days-long agony, the answer is No, it's a picture.

    Being that I bought this as a gift, I can't open the plastic packaging that it comes in so from what I can tell with my many years of common-senseless knowledge that it is emphatically, 99% sure that it may be a picture. But definitely not rusted. Also, the lettering is machine pressed so it gives a nice contrast.

    As for any other relevant product info... it says heavy-duty but I'd take that with a grain of salt. I'd personally consider a stop sign heavy duty. This isn't on the level of a sardine can but from sardine can to stop sign, this is more towards sardine can. So subjectively, while I'd call this light-to-medium duty I do still think it feels sturdy and not cheap. Definitely, it'll handle the strenuous duty of being hung on an indoor wall as decoration.

    Lastly, there are 4 holes on each corner that are big enough to put through anywhere from thumbtacks to nails.

    All in all, I think the product is solid and hope the 'hawks fan that this gift is for enjoys it for year to come.
  • My 2-year-old grandson is already a sports fanatic and he loves the helmet. It's a little big on him, but he doesn't care. He's slept in in several nights and wears it in the car. Great way to get young ones to join the Steeler Nation.
  • It was perfect for my grandson!
  • my boyfriend loved it
  • I was REALLY DISAPPOINTED IN THE QUALITY OF THE "RAVEN IMAGE" on this hoodie. I should and still
    may request a full refund.
  • It's a Green Bay Packer hat, what's not to love. Made great gift :)
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